In 1993 after 15 years transporting racehorses all over Britain & Europe, I decided to start my own horse transport business based in Epsom. I then of course needed to have a horsebox built, this is where I had my first idea of getting involved in the making & selling of horseboxes as well.

I went to see a number of box builders, before I found a coachbuilder with the same forward thinking as myself, I had a lot of practical ideas from years of hands on experience, so I set about trying to build a range of horseboxes that could compete with the best coachbuilders in the country.

After extensive researching & the luxury of owning many varieties of horsebox, I managed to bring together a horsebox containing all the top ideas of fellow coachbuilders, plus new ideas of my own (i.e. We were the first to fit a colt door), not forgetting the skill and quality of the craftsmen at our workshops & we were on our way.

We have now had a successful partnership with our workshops for over 15 years, where we have tried to continue to move with the times, while maintaining our durability, quality, good service & value for money.

The Eurolite range of horseboxes from a 2 to a 9 horsebox have proved very popular, not only with trainers, studs & transporters but with all aspects of horse transport.

So whether you are looking for a small 2 horsebox or a top of the range 9 horsebox with full living, new or used our experienced team are more than happy to assist you every step of the way, with our first class sales & aftercare service.


Steve Legg
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