We can also build the Rear Facing Eurolite RF2 on the chassis we designed for the Forward Facing RS2, this extra length wheelbase means you do not have the wheel arches protruding into the horse area. You also get the anti-roll bars, ABS brakes & heavy duty suspension on your chassis.

The RF2 has a full-size horse area which allows any size horse to travel in comfort. Popular 3.5 tonne low loading Horsebox with a rear storage area, available with a fixed breast bar or Tubed with a removal breast bar.

The Eurolite RF2 is built on our own designed extended Fiat Ducato chassis with anti-roll bars, ABS brakes & heavy duty suspension, that gives the driver & horses the best possible ride available. The new Fiat Ducato is available with air con, built in sat navigation & phone kit.

With up to 39 mpg & servicing costs the same as a car makes, the Eurolite RF2 is the most cost-effective horsebox on the market.

We can also offer the RF2 on a used quality low mileage chassis from £30,000.00

All our horseboxes are built by our Coachbuilders with over 30 years experience to full Defra approved standard & type approval.